Ch Breaksea Enchantress at Balidorn (Jenna)

(Breaksea Alchemist x Potterdale Roxana at Breaksea)
10th May 1985 - 12th September 2000
Jenna had many first to her credit – she was my first beardie,
 my first beardie champion and the first of the Breaksea Champions.
She could be gently, loving, and obedient but she could 
also be cantankerous and she did not get on with the shelties,
 so returned to the Breaksea household for her retirement.
Not the easiest dog to show, I can hear mum saying that 
“If that dog ever wins anything I’ll eat my hat”. 
Her first, first place rosette from Mike Lewis is still hung up here. 
After that she went on to do very well in the ring. 
Unfortunately mum died before she gained her title.
In her heyday she could out move the best; 
usually with Alan doing his best to keep up.
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