Balidorn Cari On Regardless (Chip)

(Balidorn Continuity x CH. Potterdale Privilege)
* 23.01.1994
A lively, outgoing mischievous blue bundle of fun from the start. 
The only way to know what she was doing and to keep her 
out of trouble was to take her with me wherever I went, 
and so she became my shadow, my constant companion, 
everywhere I go she is always close behind.
No need to ask if I am in the “loo” as Chip will be sat at the door.
 A game of hid and seek would be out of the question here!!
She loved the show ring and was Best puppy in show at the North of England Champ show. 
She gained many cards and BOB`s before her retirement. 
Now 11 years old, she has quietened down very slightly,
 but still gives visitors a laugh with her pretend fits and silent barks!! 
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